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Cartridge Clamp Absorption Clip Pumping Tool for HP Ink Cartridges

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When refilling the HP ink cartridges, it is necessary to remove the ink in the printheads, using the ink extractor available here will be able to repair the ink cartridges and continue printing without difficulties.

This tool is compatible with a large number of cartridges that will be written below:

816,817,818,901,802,21,22,60,61,56,57,74,75,860,861,702,703,27,28, 100,96,92,93,94 , 121 122 140 141 300 301 302 21 22 61 650 652 651, 540, 541

If you have any questions about this tool, contact us by writing an email, we will assign a technician to provide support.